Everybody is going to be at home today


I can’t stop making these.

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Pls love me and talk to me

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I started 2 books and nah son

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"The woman’s name was Oma and the man’s name was Shu. The great city was named Omashu as a monument to their love."

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a true fact about spiders is they can’t run for extended periods of time because they have asthma. all spiders are nerds. even tarantulas. have you ever seen a spider dating a hot babe? i doubt it. spider flashing his cash in the club? nope. spider pulling up beside you at the lights in a lamborghini? never happened. they’ve got so many eyes because they love reading. nerds. all of them.

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Inside The Maze Runner: The Guide to the Glade

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Everything Fades Away

I need to learn to do calligraphy on a larger scale for future art projects so an industrial size white board seemed to be the most practical solution. I left the camera running in my studio for a while and this little edit is the result. Recorded 29th July, 2014.

The music is ‘Luna’ by Dirk Maassen, maassen-music.com. I am a big fan of Dirk’s. I feel his music finds a sweet spot where tradition and modernity meet. It sounds very contemporary to me but draws on history. This is what I try to achieve visually in my work, so a good match I feel.

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i’m really good at mumbling rude things under my breath and then when people ask me what I said I just get really scared and nervous and panic

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i’ve hadd this awful stomach ache for 2 hours and it’s bugging me a lot since i hav period cramps too

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i need to be stopped